Need For Speed World

Calling All Speed Freaks to the Track

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Calling All Speed Freaks to the Track

Need for Speed: World is the fifteenth instalment in the hugely popular Need for Speed racing video game franchise. This edition was released in 2010 and is all about illegal and rather reckless street racing. With so many successful predecessors, this game has a lot to live up to. So does it manage to make the grade?

In Need for Speed: World, players join the online community to take part in street races. These races have a reputation for being rather dangerous, not to mention illegal, and the game manages to represent the thrill and the danger well. Like Grand Theft Auto, the game rewards breaking the law and property destruction. However, Need for Speed: World has the added bonus of letting players race against each other and put their nerves and driving skills to the test.

There are four main parts to the game. In the first part, players explore the open ended world in the car of their choice and can also use the map to teleport to different locations if they choose. The Sprints section is set up like a typical drag race and players try to put the pedal to the metal as hard as they can to be the first to cross the finish line and win points and other bonuses. Circuits requires a bit more skill, as many other players are often more than happy to play dirty and try and take each other out of the race. This is one area where learning to avoid obstacles is just as important as speed.

The circuits are clearly marked with glowing walls that are covered with arrows. Players who want to win the game must make sure that they follow these routes accurately and do not take alternative routes. There are also some cool shortcuts that are worth looking out for along the way. The circuits tend to be very well designed and come complete with interesting scenery that is sure to keep players engaged.

Players are rewarded with game cash at the end of races that they can use to customise their vehicle and buy new cars. Players also receive rep points that are used to level up and give them access to new and exciting cars.

The fourth and final part of the game is pursuit. The main aim of this stage is to evade the police and outrun them. You will easily be able to see how close a cop is by the metre on the bottom of the screen. The closer the police are, the fuller the metre becomes. Players will be busted when the metre is completely full and receive a penalty. In addition to simply trying to chase you down, the cops have a number of devious tricks designed to stop racers in their tracks. These include spike traps and rock blogs. Players will need to keep their wits about them to avoid these traps, which can be very exciting.

This is one game where bad behaviour is actively encouraged. Players receive reward points for outrunning the police and smashing cars and it is also possible to score in-game money for these antics. This is a great way to let out a little frustration before returning to the real world.

Need for Speed: World features a total of fifty levels, which should be more than enough to keep gamers playing for many hours. Unfortunately, after around level ten, there tends to be very large gaps between the levels and players who often need to complete dozens of races and earn a very large number of rep points before they can level up and test drive the new car that they have set their sights on. This can be a bit frustrating and may cause some gamers to cut their game time short.

Despite the large amount of time needed to reach the next level, there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of variation between the levels. The skills that are needed to complete upper levels are not a lot more advanced and after a while players may feel like they are investing a lot of time without much of a payout.

Unfortunately, gamers who do not have a strong Internet connection may not be able to enjoy Need for Speed: World. It is worth bearing in mind though that this game is completely free to play and it is worth getting connected to enjoy the wild races and other chaotic action. The filtered text chat allows players to talk smack during the game, adding an extra sense of realism to the fun.

Fans of The Fast and the Furious films are sure to enjoy playing Need for Speed: World. The game features all of the popular elements of these films and actually puts players behind the wheel. Some of the content may not be suitable for younger players, but teenagers and adults are sure to enjoy taunting the cops, smashing up property and doing whatever it takes to win the race.


  • The graphics are outstanding
  • Lots of impressive cars to choose from
  • Intense races to compete in
  • Smoke the cops in your hot ride
  • Chat with other players online


  • There are not many event types to choose from
  • Players have to use real money to buy Boosts
  • You need an Internet connection to join in the fun
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